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About Valley Pacific Petroleum Services, Inc.

With our 70 years of association with Chevron, Valley Pacific (VPPS) employs about 250 individuals including supply/distribution personnel, sales representatives, accounting/administrative specialists and convenience store staff. Its headquarters is in Stockton, with other offices in Bakersfield, Fresno, King City, Lodi, Porterville, Salinas, Santa Maria, and Visalia.

VPPS has hundreds of thousands of gallons of bulk lubricant storage: nearly all Chevron-branded. We operate service stations with convenience stores and supply over 150 Chevron, Texaco, "76", Patriot, Valero and Spirit - branded dealers. We're also a member of the CFN cardlock network, operating 42 cardlock fueling sites.

Map of Plants

We've identified five distinct groups of stakeholders who depend on Valley Pacific. Satisfying them drives our governing values:

  • Shareholders: "Earn a fair profit."
  • Employees: "Work hard, work smart, be safe & have fun."
  • Customers: "Safe, clean, dependable, friendly; No Surprises/No Disappointments."
  • Vendors: "Expect the best."
  • Community: "Obey the law & be a good neighbor."