Manage and control your fleet’s fueling needs with access to convenient sites throughout California and the United States. 

  • CONTROL – Manage profiles for your individual drivers, departments, or your entire fleet.  Establishing fueling times, gallonage limits, and product controls protects you and gives you a handle on fuel consumption.  Online access provides instant card review and modifications.
  • REPORTING – Semi-monthly invoices provide detailed information about card, driver, product, gallons, vehicle, and fueling site.  Real-time notifications available when a card is swiped and/or electronic confirmation of transactions.
  • FRAUD PROTECTION – CFN tracks usage and reports abnormal activity via Fraud Alerts and limits exposure to card skimming activities (up $25,000 per card).
  • CONVENIENCE – You have access to over 50,000 fueling locations nationwide, including Cardlock Sites, Retail Sites, and Truck Stops.  We have local representation and support at sites throughout Central California.  Online site locator and mobile phone apps allow you to find the location closest to you.

About CardLock

Would you like to save on your fuel costs? The answer is of course. You and your business could benefit from a Valley Pacific Fleetwide Card- your key to the 21 local Valley Pacific cardlock locations and over 50,000 nationwide CFN & Fuelman locations. There is no fee or membership charge. In addition, your Valley Pacific monthly billing statement can provide you with a variety of information to help you track and control your business and/or your personal accounts such as:

  • Date and time of fuel purchases
  • Driver’s name (optional) and card number
  • Vehicle number (optional)
  • Odometer reading on vehicle
  • Site where fuel was purchased
  • Type and amount of fuel purchased
  • Price per gallon of fuel
  • Total dollar amount of each purchase and the subtotal of each driver’s or vehicle’s purchases
    CardLock Locations



Charter Way


Fresno Ave.








Santa Maria

Shane & Dave’s

Sutter Creek

The Barn

Valley Springs



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